DAY 11: 31.08.2017

Today was my official first training day in my costume, and at location! It was a really good day yet also tiring because we didn’t actually start working today, but did a lot of listening and observing..which quite often is much more tiring than actually working because you think about the time more than anything.

I don’t really have anymore to say than I had work today hahaha. But I did find out that I’m going to be working across 4 different quick service stands locations in Fantasyland itself! I’ll be working in Gaston’s Tavern, Friar’s Nook, Prince’s Market, and Storybrook Treats! It’ll be both exciting and hard because each of the locations have slightly different menus and all but I’m so excited to just start working!

My day was basically a 8AM to 7PM day with the transportation time included, so I was pretty exhausted by the time I got back. But since we got paid today, we FINALLY went to target to get a coffee maker. And all of you at home that know me so well, I live off coffee. I’ve had no coffee in this apartment for the last 11 days, and not gonna lie it’s been killing me very very very slowly. Don’t really know how I survived tbh. But since we were all broke and not everyone in this apartment needs coffee it wasn’t really on the agenda……but since we all started working the 3 of us that needed coffee to live were like lol this needs to happen.

So the dangerous trip to Target it was. I ended up leaving with not only the things we needed for the Coffee maker (as well as the actual coffee maker), but with various items of food, and halloween decorations because the dollar section of Target is a dangerous place. Target as a whole is dangerous.

But the most dramatic part of my day had to be the Lyft ride back to the Apartment. So with our apartment, every car that comes through is stopped by security and they all need ID checked. So our driver was stopped, and started scrambling to find his drivers license, but then he pulls up a paper saying his license was suspended ????????? Like wtf just happened??????? How the fuck is he still employed with Lyft????? So we got out of the car like immediately, and legit didn’t know wtf to do????? The good thing with Lyft, is since tipping is a big thing here, you don’t automatically pay, you have to click the ride and then click pay itself. So I automatically didn’t give a tip, and gave a 1 star rating to this dude and explained that he didn’t fucking have a license?????? Then I checked my emails this morning, and they said they’re investigating what had happened, and I checked my bank account this morning and the transaction is still ‘pending’ so technically I haven’t paid yet, so at least I might not have to pay because he didn’t fucking have his LICENSE?????

As much as Lyft is cheaper here, I think I’m sticking back to Uber.

So yeah dramatic times lol, missin y’all xxxx


DAY 10: 30.08.2017

Today was training day 2! Long story short I basically had a 4 hour tour of the beautiful Magic Kingdom, and then another intro to Food and Beverage and then got fitted for costuming (basically uniforms but at Disney we wear costumes because we are on show!). Nothing much more than I can say because most of what we were told today was backstage stuff and not onstage.

But I did find out I’m not only going to be working at Pinocchio Village Haus, but I’ll be rotating in Gaston’s Tavern too!! Which is soooo exciting considering Beauty and the Beast is one of my favourite movies!!

Then when I got back, one of my roomies and I FINALLY went to Animal Kingdom! Well it was my first time, not hers, but ugh this has been the plan for like days now. We got there, and went to see It’s Tough to be a Bug which is basically a 3D show thing, which was coool, also got chills cos like bugs give me chills but it was awesome. Then we headed straight to Pandora and it was beautiful, it looked exactly like how the movie is set.


Legit like no filter needed, also I used my phone to take this (Huawei P10 wooo)

We then committed to queuing for the Flight of Passage ride because since it has opened, the average wait time has been at least 2 hours, and tbh it wasn’t going down any time soon, also everyone has RAVED about this ride so we thought we’d commit the night to just doing that ride. And yes it was incredible, one of the best rides I’ve ever been on. It was a 3D stimulation, and that’s really all I want to tell you because it’s one of those ‘you have to experience it yourself’ moments. It was totally worth the 2 hour wait!

Then after that we headed towards the Kilimanjaro Safari, which was the other thing I wanted to do because I’ve always wanted to do a ‘night’ safari. This was also really awesome, we saw heaps of the animals but tbh it was a really hot day so I think they were all hiding.

As we were walking back to the front entrance of the park as it was closing, we managed to see parts of the Tree of Life show, and this basically was projected lights on this beautiful tree in the centre of animal kingdom, that was projecting different Disney stories and all. It was magical. I’d never seen anything like that! I honestly have mad respect for Disney right now.


That’s what the tree looked like with the lights and all. The tree itself has animal faces all over it, I’ll get better photos through the next 5 months haha. 

Missing you all xxxxxxxx


DAY 9: 29.08.2017

Had another day off lol (are you surprised cause at this point I think you all think I’m here just to have fun hahah) but I checked my schedule for the next 10 days and I only had days off coming in like 4 days, and one did not have groceries to last those days so today was an adult day of grocery shopping and just general chilling.

I haven’t taken the bus to buy groceries, ever, because I’ve just always had a car. So I’d just drive to the supermarket and then not have to worry about being able to take all of it back to my place cause I could leave it in the car then do two trips to the car. Unfortunately you can’t do that with the bus/uber (because who wants to take the bus with 10 bags of groceries lmao the worst part is that there is like 60% food and 40% other stuff I saw and decided I wanted). Long story short, you don’t realise how much you depend on your car till you literally don’t have a car oml.

But then I just chilled for the rest of the day, because by the time I had some motivation to get out and do something it was too late and it wouldn’t have been worth it so soz boring post but I feel like I’ve committed to writing every day so y’know had to put something here haha.

Also to let my friends know I’m still living hahha, but the good thing about today is that I had a bowl of broccoli for dinner! First ‘proper’ meal in about a week hahah, my body needed the greens.

Missing you all (and my RAV..) xxxx


DAY 8: 28.08.2017

I actually did something work related today LOL. Today I had my first training day! This basically entailed a general overview of like safety if anything happened in the parks and what we need to do as cast members. There was also a solid hour of “How to not strain a muscle on the job” which felt longer than an hour but I mean I guess they had to ‘teach us’. After this I went on to do my first training session in Food & Beverage! This was basically general common sense/stuff I had learnt before but all in Fahrenheit. But yeah just a general day that had to be done but one day closer to actually working!

After this I headed back to the apartment and it was roughly like 4:30PM so after a bit of food me and some of the room mates headed out to Animal Kingdom. I temporarily forgot that a) we were in Florida and it can get real rainy and gross, and b) totally forgot to check the weather as a whole lololol. So when we got there it started POURING with rain, basically round 2 of the other night. So since it was going to rain and storm for most of the night, we decided animal kingdom wouldn’t have been a smart choice since we really wanted to see the safari, but that would’ve been closed due to the lightning.

So we headed out to Magic Kingdom!! It was still busy but it wasn’t too busy because we went on quite a few rides! We managed to do It’s a Small World, Haunted Mansion, Thunder Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, Peter Pan, and Buzz Lightyear. Which is a pretty decent amount of rides considering we were there for about 3 hours. Also, the Peter Pan ride ALWAYS has at least on average a 1.5 hour wait, and we only waited for about 15 minutes because of the rain and the time we got there it had significantly decreased! It was a magical time, I’ve decided I like going to the parks at night haha.


The ever so famous Cinderella Castle which is the centre of Magic Kingdom ❤

That’s basically what my days have been like, I have another free day tomorrow but it’s looking like a groceries and chill day, then training for the rest of the week!

Missing you all xxx


DAY 7: 27.08.2017

lol you can totally try and guess what I did today but like you’d probably guess either way, but guess who made it to Epcot! Yes I did have another day off lol I swear I did come all the way here to work, not just to play in the parks for 6 months and not finish my expensive degree hahah.


And yes I know that looks like a golf ball, still don’t know what it’s actually meant to be but for now it’s a golfball. 

Epcot is one of the four theme parks and I would say that it is one of the less Disney ones. Epcot is the centre of international appreciation. As you walk through the park, you approach a massive lake, and surrounding the lake as you walk you will enter through different cultural lands e.g Japan, Canada, France, Germany and the list goes on! Except Australasia is completely missed but like what would we represent anyways (hope I didn’t offend anyone lmao).

Epcot does have a couple of rides too, but we didn’t really do many of the rides except we went and saw the Disney Short Film Festival and it featured 3 short films. It was really cute because it was also in 4D and it had a good old Mickey classic, then a couple of more recent animations. We mainly explored through the worlds (as much as we could anyways because it started pouring down with rain, because yes I am in Florida).

But we did meet a couple of characters…Joy and Sadness from Inside Out and Baymax from Big Hero 6. I had met a character already, but I don’t think I’ll ever forget meeting Joy and Sadness. They were so in character, Joy instantly came up and hugged me, and then Sadness took me aside to look at a photo of Riley with her Mother on the screen because she was sad about it. I gave her the biggest hug also because I was low key like nearly in tears and also she could be one of my all time favourite Disney characters.

Baymax was also really fun to meet, he as literally a giant plush toy and he was also so in character! I did the fist bump with him and it was the cutest thing ever !! But like you’ll see in the photo I couldn’t get a nice angle with him cause I couldn’t manage to get my arm around him and my height was awkward compared to him but none the less, I got my photo!


Sadness, Joy, and Baymax

I didn’t quite get the magic about meeting characters till I met these guys, like I’ll probably never forget any day I step into the park as a guest but this day is definitely one that’ll I’ll forever cherish.

Then, we headed over to Magic Kingdom! When we entered the park, there was a parade on, which is not a rare occurrence at all but it’s a lot of good fun and the characters are on floats and all which is awesome! We headed straight for Tomorrowland and went to Monsters Inc. Laugh floor, which is basically an improve comedy show with the characters of Monsters Inc. and it was great. My type of humour, stupid, corny, and just plain dry hahah. Then we headed onto the People mover, and then went to meet Buzz Lightyear! Just endless meet and greets with characters atm omg.

It started to get late and we didn’t really want to hang around and get stuck in the crowd after the fireworks show would’ve finished so we took a monorail to the Polynesian Resort (which btw future significant other if you want to book us a room here I think I’d cry lol) and had the famous Dole whip (basically just soft serve but you can get pineapple flavoured). Once again, delicious, like Disney can’t get it wrong for me right now.

And that was basically my long day, I wish my pass into the parks was never ending and I could come back and bring my friends and family from home, but I guess it’s only a perk that the Cast Members can enjoy…… (what a great perk though lolol).

Missing you all xxxx


DAY 6: 26.08.2017

Today was just another day off (I swear I am actually here to work but my schedule has fortunately given me like 3 days off before I start doing actual stuff lol) and it started with shopping. We only managed to get through like 6 stores before my room mate started to feel gross so we headed back after about 3 hours but shopping here is on another LEVEL! So much power was needed today to not buy everything haha.

I ended up buying a couple of tops, including a Nike top to use at the gym so lets see if that actually happens (I’m also praying for myself lol). I also brought a like off the shoulder long sleeve romper thing and I’m not sure how I feel yet but it was cute and cheap so like sure let’s go for it right????? (If I’m broke next week I’ll look at the romper and go why haha).

Then we got back, and my other room mates came back and picked me up (one of my roomies has a car *triple bonus in life* *I miss my little RAV*) and we headed to Hollywood Studios! We went on the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith ride which looked terrifying as it we could see the start of the ride and it looked suuuper fast but it was actually so much fun! I’m normally quite scared of the thrilling rides but something about Disney rides make them much less scary? Idk I think it’s my brain telling me that the main demographic here are kids so they’re all kid friendly in some way..right?

Then the tropical Florida weather seriously hit, and we were caught in a thunderstorm, which was low key quite terrifying because it kept sounding like the lightning was striking like right next to us… but we braved the weather and just walked through the rain to the next ride..which was Toy Story Mania!

Due to the thunderstorm, they had temporarily shut the ride, so when we got there it was only a 20 minute wait (which for Disney on a Saturday let along any day is bloody amazing) and it was one of those interactive 3D rides where you shoot things and it was sooo cute! I’m constantly amazed about how realistic all the animations and decor and just everything is here!

Then we headed to Star Tours (which had a 10 minute wait which once again is amazing) and that was absolutely incredible. I’ve never actually seen Star Wars (apologies to all the fans of star wars) but I have absolutely nothing against Star Wars, and this ride low key made me want to watch the movies and get really into it. It’s basically a 3D motion master ride, and I’ve heard that they’ve got soo many versions of the ride itself that it changes every day! My roomie had gone to it the day before and it was completely different to how it was tonight! It is definitely one of those rides you HAVE to do!

And last but not least, we ended up at the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (also wait time of 13 minutes *p.s it’ll never be ’10’ minutes because like the number 13 y’know*), which if you haven’t ever seen it’s basically a spooky/haunted old Hollywood hotel. I knew this ride was like a fear fall kind of ride, and I’ve never done the fear fall at Rainbows End so even I was surprised I ended up on the ride. But I did not regret it at all. I mean the first fall low key killed me because the feeling of falling gets to me but it was totally worth it. It was both scary but exciting and such a fun time! Also there were pint size kids on the ride too so I didn’t think it could really be that bad (right???? idk lol) but I would totally do it again if the wait wasn’t long (as this is normally a reaaaaallly popular ride!).

But that basically summed up my day. It was heaps of fun and I can’t wait for another day of fun tomorrow! Then on Monday I finally start training, but for now, I just want to enjoy the spare time and perks I currently have 🙂

Love you and miss you all xxxx

-V xx

DAY 5: 25.08.2017

Since yesterday I FINALLY received my blue ID, it only seemed fitting to spend the day at MAGIC KINGDOM!! Let me tell you it was an AMAZING DAY! Even though we only spent about 4 hours there and we hit 2 rides, it was just fun walking around and exploring through shops. I constantly have to remind myself that I have the next 5 months to do absolutely EVERYTHING and that I don’t have to do all of it in like 1 week.

We took one of the busses from our apartment to the Disney Contemporary Resort and then walked for about 15 minutes to the entrance of Magic Kingdom. When we walked in, it was decorated for the Halloween party that was starting tonight (I am fully aware it is August but like they have an all year round Christmas store so I mean anything is possible), and the decor was beautiful. It honestly feels like you’re in a completely different universe.

We started by walking around some stores, and then happened to part of the midday show at the castle which featured Anna, Elsa, Tiana, Rapunzel, Flynn, Mickey and Minnie. I know I’m saying this a lot but it was truly magical! Also mad respect for those people performing because it was like 33 degrees celsius and like 90% humidity so mad props to you all for doing that because I was dying from just the walk around the park itself.

We then ventured on, window shopped, looked at where things were, then we passed It’s a small world and there was absolutely no line, so we went! Yes the song is low key quite annoying and repetitive, but you have to do that ride ONCE in Disney, for the full experience. So we did it and it was so cute, like very very adorable. Then we headed towards Frontierland and saw that the Thunder Mountain ride only had  30 minute wait (which felt like 15 mins tbh) and it was great. I mean rollercoasters at Universal and Movie World etc. are more intense but I’m not the best at intense rides so this was good!

Then the day started to come to an end because the Halloween party was starting around 4, so we were going to get kicked out so we ventured back to the apartment and just chilled. Were planning to head to Disney Springs but we were tired so we stayed around the apartment and ate food.

All in all, a good day!

Will see you in my next post 😛

-V xx